For your project management we coordinate and control the high demands of safety, health and environment – goal-oriented and independent.

We work either for direct clients or for general contractors (construction companies). The project management represents the interests of the client or project sponsor in direct responsibility.

Our teams are directly involved in the safety management and use innovative methods and tools to ensure maximum safety for all persons involved in the project. Thereby we claim the highest possible level of professionalism and competence.

Our priority is the prevention and reduction of

  • dangers at the construction side,
  • accidents and
  • environmental pollution.

With our unique performance and industry bandwidth, we are known as one of the leading companies in the field of occupational safety on line construction sides and look after our customers in the fields of industry, economy, energy and construction worldwide.

Our activities include:

  • occupational safety and accident prevention directly on the site, (both by German and foreign policies),
  • enlightenment and safety briefings, review of qualifications and training,
  • audits in general and audits of participating contractors and building departments, coordination of safety devices,
  • traffic safety on the construction site,
  • transport planning and concepts of ways (access roads to construction sites and storage areas),
  • review of working hours,
  • device monitoring and assessing the suitability in use (load bearing equipment, wire ropes and slings),
  • monitoring work with respiratory protective equipment / in hazardous areas ,
  • weather records and weather warnings for planning and preparation of work,
  • monitoring of underwater work (welding, concreting, etc.),
  • accident analysis, advice and opinions.
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