The analysis of potential hazards on construction sites and in companies belong to the core business of occupational safety. These analyzes have to be transferred into methods of hazard and accident avoidance. But to be of any use both, the hazards and the established countermeasures, have to be successfully taught to the workers. To serve this purpose there are safety briefings.

Your employees are experts in their field of work. Professionalism goes hand in hand with routine; through the everyday work, the hazards at the workplace are often ignored and overlooked. The more important are regular repetitions of these safety briefings.

Schneider Controlling-Consulting GmbH has developed a modular system of using clear and well-structured safety briefings. In this way you get tailor-made safety briefings on your construction site or at your company.

Put on a preventative approach instead of retrospective accident analysis. We are the right partner for your occupational safety and accident prevention.

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