Documentation: an attitude towards life for us


In the pipeline construction field, on large construction sides or on line construction sides a detailed documentation is already very important and this importance is even growing. Every step of the construction phase needs to be documented and retrievable at any time.

The enourmos administration effort to compile a good documentation can be very nerve and time consuming. We take care of this task for you.


We have the experience, the know-how and the software you need

For almost 20 years we are adjusting our database for such construction projects. The database is eassy accessible from every computer with an internet connection. Your work is relieved by clear statistics and other tools from the database.Planübersicht mit zugehörigen Flurstücken

Diversity, individuality and flexibilty

You can retrieve all kinds of information from our databse to create special reports/protocols for your construction side. Over the years we at Schneider Consutling GmbH created a great range of reports/protocols which are essential on line construction sides, large construction sides and pipeline construction sides.

The reports/protocols were further developed over the years and are usable on every construction/project side you will plan. The reports/protocols can be filled and printed automatically with the information from the database regarding your project. If our reports/protocols should not meet all your requirements at first, it is no problem to revise them for your individual requirements.

Reporte: Formulare und Listen


The database application can be customized to every construction or project. Your information is secured by a user management system and is only accessible with the respective permissions. For every project the read and write access is managed differently: they can be installed differently both for special users and sections.

Through this we give your project a maximum of flexibility and security.

As your information are extraordinary important to us, we handle the given information thoughtful and strictly confidential. To enssure this our data protection officer is involved in every project.

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